The Respiratory System

How the Lungs Work

Hemo G the RBC (Red Blood Cell)

Hemo G the RBC is a hip-hop kind of guy.

My name is Hemo G and I'm an RBC.
I travel through your body in your capillaries.
I go to your lungs to get some air,
then I take it to the cells that are everywhere.

The capillaries are long and I get dizzy,
but I come back for more and I get busy.
All your cells, they need fresh air
and I'm the one who takes it there.

I have inside me a little piece of iron.
It acts like a magnet to pull in oxygen.
The oxygen is what makes me glow,
I take it to the cells to make you grow.

Oxygen in, that's what I'm about.
Carbon dioxide, I take it out.

Hemo G the RBC

To learn more about me, go to the air exchange section of this website.